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The products you find on www.HorseBallShop.Com are the result of a long and careful research and selection of unique products that combine innovation, durability, safety and aesthetics of the equipment to provide a strong and positive image in a sport so spectacular as the Horse-Ball. The Horse-Ball equipment has evolved over time through experience and the collaboration between athletes and those who create the material for his practice in a constant search of comfort and safety. From now this material is customizable.

All products are carefully studied for the practice equestrian and in particular for the Horse-Ball. Suppliers are for most artisans who have gained strong experience in their field. Wherever possible products are available in different colors to get closer to the color of the team, of the equestrian center, of the sponsor. Makes it so different and unique to your team through a custom material of great visual impact to his image.

Through our site you will find impeccable service and always listening to its customers of the suggestions made.

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